"Fucking Plumbers" - How Many Times Have You Said This & Meant It!

This is NOT a joke but a real business and a real statement.

When originally doing a 'Plumbing Course' I did this as I had a true interest in the business and a desire to succeed and excel in what I did. Being very practical I have learned many skills over the years and being a woman, I have never let this stop me.

Over the years I have had to call out many plumbers for my own needs and also family and to be very honest...the statement FUCKING PLUMBERS is a true understatement as to the result of what they have done and what they have charged....Messy; Shoddy Workmanship; Untimely are to name a few credentials they brought!

Now qualified in my own right, I am here to offer a professional and clean service that ladies like in our own homes (Not Me In The Picture above!). Feel free to contact me at "FUCKING PLUMBERS" to discuss any plumbing situation you have and I will be pleased and privileged to offer you the best service I am able to do...